Explore the places of interest nearby and take pictures, we will pay for your trip!

Is there a small sight, a memorable tree, or an interesting house in your area? If so, don’t hesitate to take pictures of it on your next trip around. It is very likely that this photo will fit into an article on Wikipedia or to the Wikidata project, which is a large open database of virtually everything. And this is what we aim to: take pictures as part of Project Fotíme Česko (We photograph Czechia)!  

How to upload pictures? There exist many tools, here is one of them: Wikinity (https://wikinity.toolforge.org/)

And how do you actually take pictures to enrich Wikidata? First of all, you need to look where there are so-called „white places“ in the area that need to be photographed. Several search tools, the use of which is described on the Fotíme Česko page, can help to do this. If you are not a fan of studying long texts, a detailed video tutorial is prepared for you for each search engine, thanks to which your work will be much easier. If you still get stuck somewhere along the procedure and don’t know what to do next, email me at tadeas.bednarz@wikimedia.cz and I will try to help you.

Once you’re looking for objects to take photos of, it’s time to go out in the field and take at least a few photos, which you can then upload to the Wikimedia Commons repository, from where Wikipedia, Wikidata and other similar projects can make use. By assigning photos to the appropriate Wikidata entry, your work can end – you have successfully contributed by uploading your free images to the largest open database. If you still want to apply for reimbursement of travel costs, you will have to describe the route in our system, which is not complicated at all and this is also described on the project page We are taking pictures of The Czech Republic.

There are still plenty of unphotographed objects. Moreover, new wikidata objects are being added every day, so it’s almost certain that there are a few places worth a walk or a ride in your area. So, with the coming summer days, there is nothing more suitable than to run out into the streets with a camera, and to do something useful :).

Logo of Fotíme Česko project

Photo attribution: Sculpture in Benešov by user JiriMatejicekCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons and 9. května Street in Tábor by Pavel HrdličkaCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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