Wikikonference 2010 is over, thank you!

The second edition of the Czech Wikikonference, that took place at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University in Prague this time, has ended with a resounding success. Three auditoriums full of program, three dozens of main speeches and other short presentations, around 250 of registered participants who walked through the auditoriums…
This year the conference had three tracks with different program. Two of them were dedicated to the principles of wikinomics. They were organized by the people around (cs) the Czech translation of the Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams‘ book Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything. The presenters in this part of the program included people from business, from the government and , from media and from education institutions.
Wikipedia and Wikimedia had its own track. At the beginning, Miroslav Langer presented the results of the UNU-MERIT/Wikimedia Foundation General User Survey and compared the data from around the world to the data from the Czech Republic. Two wikipedians, Jakub Malinovský and Jiří Ohlídal then added their speeches about the conflicts on Wikipedia and about the way they are tackled and how they affect the Wikipedia content. The presentation of the winners of the Prizes for the Czech Wikipedia Development (cs) followed before the lunch-time.
After the break and the WikiSkripta program, Lucie Sakastrová of the Information Science department of the Faculty of Arts presented the results of her diploma work regarding the relation between Wikipedia categories system and the information science. Jan Lochman’s presentation of the currents state and future of Wikiversity followed and the program was closed with short contributions about two collaborative projects. Petr Brož introduced the WikiProject focused on Czech nature reserves and Pavel Hrdlička described how the photo workshops for the wikipedians work.
The WikiSkripta program was presented by the teachers of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University, who described their project, in which the students and teachers collaborate in creating the educational materials. They stated with proud that WikiSkripta are already the most sought-after source of educational materials in medicine in Czech Internet.
Please see the Wikimedia Commons category with the pictures from the conference. We also believe some of the presentations will be added there soon like last year.
We also want to thank the participants, being it the presenters or guests, as well as everyone with whom we had cooperated during the organization of the event, especially to the people around Wikinomie, to the friends of WikiSkripta and others.
And we cannot forget congratulating the winners of the Prizes for the Czech Wikipedia Development, we will write of them soon here as well.
So thank you once again!

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